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The mission of BEHE is to tell OUR story through visual and tactile authentication as it relates to the history of Douglas County African Americans. Our topics highlight education, spirituality, ethics, philanthropy, accomplishments and social evolution. We offer an opportunity for self-reflection and inspiration promoting community awareness of our heritage.

Black Education Historical Exhibit (BEHE) was founded in 2007, by a concerned group of people, who attended schools in Douglas County, during segregated times. When it was discovered that there was no evidence of student's attendance and activities, a search was made to gather any artifacts that could be found, in private homes. These items are now housed in the:

  • Old Courthouse Museum at 6754 West Broad Street, Douglasville, GA 30134.

  • The telephone number 770-949-4094

  • Operation hours are Tuesdays and Thursday, from 1-4 pm or by appointment.

Some former programs sponsored by BEHE was “Embracing the Legacy,” an evening that was dedicated to Stewart Middle School. Pictures of past students who became succesful in life were displayed in the media room. A video presentation was shown, along with speeches made by teachers, from segregated schools.

BEHE wants to always remind today’s community, although struggles were made in the past, they have encouraged many people to persevere and have a productive and rewarding lives. BEHE joins the community in celebrating our progress every year with our Juneteenth Festival Weekend. A kick-off reception on Friday evening ushers in a two-day weekend festival of dancing, singing, special personalities, foods, crafts, games most of all family and community. I hope to see and meet you at this years event. 

We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect.

Connie Peltier - President



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